NAVswap & Redemption Service with Redemption In-Kind:

Level the playing field.

At ReFlow we offer mutual funds innovative approaches to reducing the negative effects of shareholder flow.

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What we do

Reduce the costs of shareholder flow to buy and hold investors.

Our Mission: To help mutual funds overcome a perennial problem: funding redemptions without borrowing from a bank, selling securities, or incurring substantial cash drag. By using ReFlow, funds can measurably improve performance and reduce the effects of flow-based turnover.

A benevolent shareholder

Redemption Service with Redemption In-Kind

Redemption Service and its associated “in-kind” redemption feature reduce flow induced trading and the realization of capital gains.

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Reduce cash drag without basis risk


NAVswap is a flexible cash equitization tool that enables mutual fund managers to earn a return on their uninvested cash equal to the return on their NAV.

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Why ReFlow?

Operationally simple and cost efficient with no disclosure of portfolio holdings.

Our services are low-touch and participating funds only pay for ReFlow when they use a service, there are no set-up or maintenance fees. Underlying fund portfolios are not disclosed, allowing managers to protect their value-add.

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Notional Exposure through NAVswap


Transferred through
Redemption In-Kind


Just-in-time liquidity through Redemption Service



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